Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hope you got everything you wanted...
And nothing that you didn't.Hope you played with your cousins...
And made cookies with your Pop.
Hope you treasured moments with your loved ones...
And remembered what it was all about...

Merry Christmas!

Thank you Lord for the gift of Jesus at Christmas. That you would come for one like me...I am beyond words grateful for your sacrifice and your mercy that is offered freely to all who would believe...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

First First Christmas

"I love it!!"
Making cookies with Grandma
Singing with Papi
He loves his Uncle Andrew
New shirt!

Grandma & Charlie
Christmas boy, all ready for church!
"I like getting presents!"
Sleeping with Papi & Uncle Andrew
Merry Christmas!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

On the Mend

It seems Charlie is finally starting to feel better... still a bit wheezy and coughy but no fever, and the congestion is getting better. My parents and brother are on their way into town for an early Christmas weekend with us and we could not be more excited for Charlie's first first Christmas. :) May not be blogging much this week, but just wanted to say thanks for your prayers and well wishes for Charlie! And Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Sad Truth

The sad truth is, all that's left of that beautiful present in the last post is the label. When you get your baby a lame present like an ear thermometer and two weeks before Christmas he gets Bronchiolitis, you should probably open the present early and use it. It came in surprisingly handy at 3 am! So much easier than what we were doing before!!! And he will still have a few presents to open Christmas morning. ;)

Poor baby has Bronchiolotis (that could be caused by RSV!!!) and Sunday night we spent a couple hours in the ER, where he was given a breathing treatment. Fortunately the breathing treatment cleared him up and they sent us home with our own precription for a neublizer, which we now call his "monster face." He screamed through the first few times, but is getting used to it now. Hopefully we will only have one or two more days left. If it is RSV though it could be a few days longer unfortunately. The good news is, he is generally in a great mood, he's sleeping surprisingly well in his carseat all night, and Paul had yesterday off so we spent a sick day mostly in PJs in front of the tv. I'm hoping this will all clear up before Christmas!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

My First Time... write this...

...and this...

...on a Christmas present.

We cannot wait!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Best New Toys of the Season...

... a full length mirror and a spoon. Its all fun and games until you drop the spoon and then try to pick it up from inside the mirror. That can be a little frustrating.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

8 Months Old

Yesterday, Charlie turned 8 months. I can't believe how fast he's growing...

His favorite way to sit is with his feet crossed in front of him. He's not crawling or even rolling much, but has started to lunge forward from sitting onto his stomach only when highly motivated by one of his two favorite toys... a remote control or a cell phone. :) He loves being around people and will sit and watch people for a long time. No signs of stranger anxiety yet...

He has started blowing raspberries and sticking out his tongue ALL the time. In fact, the other day I had to defend him from a Kroger cashier who was sure he had purposely stuck his tongue out at her!!!

He is the best eater around- loves every food he's tried and even gulps down medicine when necessary. He is not the best sleeper around, but oh well, I guess nobody's perfect. :) He usually sleeps pretty well until about 5 am when he wakes up crying and still sleepy and takes anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour to settle back down. He is a creature of routine and habit and I can pretty much set my clock by his waking/sleeping patterns. When we're away from home for a night, everything goes haywire!
He has started leaning forward in my arms to give me what I consider a hug... it is just the sweetest thing. He has two little teeth on the bottom and his hair is growing so much I am considering cutting it soon. He is still a complete drool-bucket and goes through about three bibs a day! He still melts us with his belly laugh and steals our hearts with his smiles... Happy 8 Months, Charlie!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Santa's Lap

I just had to take Charlie to see Santa this year... I knew he couldn't ask for anything yet, I knew he would probably be freaked out and cry, or at least be too interested in his beard and hat to even think about looking at a camera- but seriously... what would Christmas be without a visit to Santa? And to my surprise...

... apparently Charlie and Jolly Ol' St. Nick are best buds! Ha!

Playing Catch Up

I know we're on to the Christmas season already, but I still haven't shared my Thanksgiving pictures with you!!! We had a great time with my family in San Antonio. My Grandma even came in from Virginia to be with us!

Here is the playground thing that my bro fell off (the red roof!!!)

While we now know he has a fractured sinus (who knew you could even do that??) we are thanking God that he didn't hurt himself worse.

Two turkeys... the one on the left weighed more!

Charlie made some delicious trail mix to snack on.

Playing at the park!

Pretending to slide

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!