Monday, June 13, 2011

I bet you can't...

It's the newest motivational phrase around here... we've definitely discovered that playing a little "Devil's Advocate" or "reverse psychology," or whatever you want to call it, WORKS for our little man.

 He'll be whining about how he needs help with his shoes (which he doesn't) or how he can't eat another bite (when he hasn't eaten a thing) and all it takes is a simple statement (said with a smile):

"I bet you can't do that."

And does he ever do it.  He gets a gleam in his eye, and gets to work faster than I've ever seen.  Its become a game to him too and he'll say "Mommy, say 'I bet you can't chew up this grape.'" And then, boy, will he ever chew up that grape.  Is it wrong?  Is this an inappropriate motivational tool?  All I know is that it sure does work.  He's got a bit of a competitive spirit in him, like his momma.  If you think I can't do it, I will show you that I can.

So I've started using it for myself too, changing those nagging guilty, defeating thoughts that sometimes creep in into what they really are:  a challenge.  I guess that's why its called Devil's Advocate.  "I bet you can't clean up that kitchen {again} joyfully for your family."  "I bet you can't put away your phone and {really} play with your kids."  "I bet you can't show grace and patience today."  "I bet you can't find the time to spend a quiet moment with the One who made you."

Oh yeah?  Watch me.

and not by my own strength...
"Glory in his holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice.   Look to the Lord and his strength: seek his face always."

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