Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How to Have Some Indoor Fun

Well here in Texas it is just TOO HOT right now. We're talking upper 90s-100s every day. We finally got a little rain, but it was just enough to make things humid. Yuck. Just thinking about it makes me sweat. But how do you explain this to a rambunctious one year old who wants to "go go go"? (his words!) How can you recreate the fun of the outdoors in your air conditioned living room? Why, gather all the pillows off your couch and bed and build a mountain of course!!!

Step One:
Pile on the pillows

Step Two:
Climb, jump, roll, etc.

Step Three:
Eye your momma suspiciously... this is supposed to be fun?

Step Four: Realize how much fun it really is and do it again and again!

By the way, clothing is optional for this activity. Diapers? Not optional. :)

Hope you are staying out of the unbearable heat this weekend! Guess there won't be many fireworks around here with the burn ban in place. We leave this afternoon for a family reunion weekend. Happy Fourth of July!

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Rachel said...

I want to come jump in pillows! This is so fun!