Monday, March 14, 2011

Bethany, Artist Extraordinaire

I have never considered myself in the least bit artistic... creative, maybe; but artist?  No way.  I just have never been able to translate something from my brain into a piece of art using my hands.  Paul lovingly calls me "the gorilla" when it comes to things like painting details or using a steady hand for anything.  The whole hand-eye coordination just doesn't come naturally for me.  So when I heard that our MOPs group was having a painting party, I thought I would go along, have a good time, hang out kid-free with some girls... little did I know I would come home with a piece of art... created by ME!  

Here is our little group at Painting with a Twist

Our group painted the picture "Looking Up."  We were walked through each step by an instructor.

And here is my finished product!  

I have to say, when I was painting it, I didn't think I'd actually want to hang it in my house, but now that its here, I LOVE it!  There's just something about knowing that I painted that myself!  

So, where to hang it?  I really don't have any "art" like this in my house.  I'm usually not attracted to paintings, and everything we have on our walls are photographs, a few prints, mirrors, and old windows.

 Right now I just have it hung over the mirror in the dining room.

Maybe it will inspire me to paint something else... or to at least try something new every once in a while!
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Lacey said...

Looks Great Bethany!! I love that place. I have been there twice in the last month and can't wait to go again!

TheTids&BitsBlog said...

How fun! I've always wanted to learn how to cool to have something you painted hanging in your home. :)

Lover Boy and Beloved said...

I love it! That sounds like a really cool place!

Teri Dufilho said...

love it, bethany!.....i'm looking forward to getting in touch with my "inner artist" later this month! :)

Rachel said...

Oh, I love the finished product!