Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Update - 1:35pm

Well, the doctor just came in and checked Bethany again, and still no progress.  It is looking more and more likely that this will end in a C-section.  The doctor will be back around 4 or so to check one more time, and told us that if there was still no progress, we would go to the OR.  Bethany is a little disappointed, but of course wants to do whatever she has to do to keep Charlie safe.  


Booyah said...

Sending Bethany and Charlie all the best thoughts I have!

Hugs to the whole family! I'll continue sending peaceful vibes to you guys; breathe in and out and just keep looking forward to the moment you get to hold your son!

Emma Days said...


If you end up with a C/S, I promise it's not that bad!!! Totally worth every second to get baby here safely.

And it means you could be holding Charlie in just a few hours!

We love you!!!!


Lacey Morgan said...

Sending lots of prayers your way. I've been thinking about you!

Marlers said...

Been watching and waiting will everyone!! No matter how he gets here...the end result means a healthy baby boy in your arms! What an amazing memory that is taking place right now! Happy Birthday Charlie!! Can't wait to meet this little man! Prayers to you!

Jennifer said...

Don't be dissappointed! It's really not that bad!! God is taking care of him in a different way! We are praying!