Monday, May 19, 2008


*This weekend I bought real jeans. Real, actual jeans that have a button and a zipper. And the best part is they actually fit and they were only 12 dollars at Target! I was really feeling the need to have some new jeans- it was a little depressing to be putting on my same maternity jeans that I was already sick of at 9 and a half months pregnant. And as much as I wanted to squeeze into the several pairs of jeans I have, it just wasn't happening... yet.

*Tomorrow, Charlie will be six weeks old! And I have a dr.'s appointment. This whole time, I've been thinking, I can't wait until my six-week check up- then I'll be able to get back to really exercising! Now I'm thinking- man, its already been six weeks??? You mean now I have to start really exercising???

*Tonight is the "battle of the Davids" on American Idol and I CAN'T WAIT!!!! I haven't voted at all this season but I am so voting for David Cook tonight- he is my favorite! I'm sorry to all you Archuletta fans, but he is just too young!


Lacey Morgan said...

Still not in my pre-preg jeans and Hadley is 3 months old so don't feel bad. I was VERY anxious to start exercising...I started back before getting the okay...although I didn't have a c-section. Anyway, I still have a LONG way to go. I caved in last month and got me some "big girl" clothes. As for AI, I am a Cook fan as well..I would buy his CD in a second. My son Gavin, is a "David Enchilada" fan though. :0)

Bethany said...

I was searching my own name for blogs, and I found you! My name is also Bethany Leann! I just thought that was interesting. I'm also a fairly new mom! Good luck with the baby (and the jeans, it took me a year to fit into mine, AAGH!).