Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Latest...

So my blog has been a little lacking over the last few weeks... I just keep thinking of great things to write about and then never actually sit down and put it into words. Here are just a few of the latest happenings around here:

  • Yes, he's crawling!!! That last video is nothing compared to the crawling he can do now. He still doesn't have the confidence to see something far away and go for it, but if you dangle a toy in front of him, he'll crawl all over the place trying to get it... feels a little cruel at times, but i eventually do let him get the toy. :)
  • I'm going back to the gym more frequently... I kind of fell off the wagon over the holidays. And now I've been trying week after week to come up with the perfect naptime formula: I have found that if I put Charlie down about three hours after he wakes up, he takes an hour and a half nap... unless he falls asleep in the car for even a minute! So usually after going to the gym and falling asleep in the car, he only takes about a 45 minute nap. But today, I am proud to say, WE DID IT!! He is currently taking a long nap post gym... after me tickling and dangling toys behind me while driving to keep him awake... I was being safe, I promise.
  • Charlie and I just spent a great weekend in San Antonio with my family and Charlie had his first trip to the zoo! He actually did great and loved every minute, as he loves being outside and looking at birds. It really got his elbows goin'. Which is what happens when he is very excited and is now how we describe the feeling of being excited. As in, "Lost is coming back tonight- that really gets my elbows goin'."
  • Speaking of Lost, TV is probably a lot of the reason I haven't been blogging as much... there are just too many good shows on right now! The Bachelor & 24 on Mondays, Biggest Loser on Tuesdays, Lost on Wednesdays, and 30 Rock & The Office on Thursdays. And oh yeah, Americal Idol is back! Which I haven't even started watching yet because until Hollywood Week I just can't fit it into my busy tv schedule. By the way, if you're watching the Bachelor, you've got to read I Hate Green Beans. Hilarious.
  • Yesterday on our way home from San Antonio, we listened to the inauguration on the radio. Charlie had started crying for lunch and I found a place to stop right before President Obama was sworn in and began his speech. So I parked, got Charlie out, and nursed him in the front seat and then fed him his food while he sat in the passenger seat. I know he doesn't get it at all but it was important to me for us both to hear it and for me to remember what Charlie was doing at this historic time in our nation so that I can tell him about it one day.

That's what's up with us lately! I'm sure more Charlie pics and milestones will soon follow! :)


Erica said...

My elbows are ALSO excited about Lost!!!!

Teri Dufilho said...

that is definitely one of the cutest charlie-isms, the elbows start going!!'s so fun to see him get excited!..... and his crawling video is amazing and makes us laugh, especially when he stops to examine the fringe......we both can't wait to witness it in person saturday!