Saturday, October 30, 2010

Four Months Old!

My sweet girl turned four months old last week! 

Here she is stylin' in her baby jeggings and her Halloween bow.  It is true what they say- dressing up little girls is SO much fun. :)  

Charlie had been calling her "No-ah" but I started working with him on the "r" sound in her name, so now it has changed to "Nor-wah,"  haha, which I am NOT  a fan of (it sounds like narwal or something).  We'll see if by five months he's got it down.

At four months old, this little darling is all about her hands- she stuffs them in her mouth constantly, and is starting to reach and grab toys when they are around.  I've seen her just holding up her hands and examining them as if she's just discovering that they are hers and that she can move them. It is amazing to see her learn new things!  She's not close to rolling over and hates being on her tummy, but I think she will be sitting up SOON.  If she's leaning back in your lap or in her bouncer, she cranes that head forward and tries so hard to sit on her own.  She's not sleeping through the night yet, but regularly gives us good 6-7 hour stretches, so I can't complain!  No solids yet, maybe next month, but I'm in no hurry... its not like she's starving, I mean, look at those cheeks! 

Happy 4 months, sweet Norah!

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Our Life Together said...

She sure is stylin' in her jeggings. Nor-wah is adorable!!!

Teri Dufilho said...

oh, this precious angel !!....don't ever lose those adorable cheeks, Baby Norah!!....and you are really makin' a fashion statement with those jeggings!...kisses and cheek-nibbles to you!