Sunday, December 5, 2010

CWP Episode 1 - Basic Knife Skills

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Just Us said...

Paul you ROCK! How fun is this. Ok- so I will admit that when I started watching I went for the pen and pad- yes - I took notes:) I am making chili tonight and HONESTLY am super excited to use my new skills (with notes in hand) to cut up my onion, celery, tomatoes, peppers....I was always the girl who was likely to loose a finger when chopping or cutting anything- Trav always cringes while watching me!

I would like to see an episode about getting the chocolate chip cookies "just right" I can never make them quite like yours!

I cant wait for the next episode of CWP! great job!

Carol said...

Great Video - Another tip - while chopping, slicing, etc. is to stand at a 45 deg. angle - helps get straight cuts!
Can't wait to see the next one.

Lacey said...

I love cooking, and consider myself to be a pretty good one. :) Although, I NEVER use the serrated knife. I have one, but I thought it was a bread knife. :) Still learning I guess. Cute video. Hope you guys get a big fan club so it keeps going.

Teri Dufilho said...

Wow!......I'm an official fan of CWP!!....can I buy a T-shirt?....haha......I loved the knife skills video and really enjoyed your relaxed and informative delivery......ok, i want more!! about sweet dough skills (or basic dough skills?)......take us through your unbelievably-delicious Cinnamon Rolls from start to finish!!

Joni said...

Great job, Paul! I wanted to have my knife and cutting board in front of the computer so I could practice with you! I agree with Teri. . . I'd love to see your new cinnamon roll dough recipe!