Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Choose Your Candidate Quiz

Things always get difficult to me when it comes to voting... I consider myself fairly smart and well-educated, but when it comes to voting I'm always stumped!!! I never feel like I truly know what each candidate stands for and how I truly feel about the issues involved. It just seems like a popularity contest and I'm sooo sick of all the commercials aimed at trying to get us to love one candidate and hate another. I mean, really, who would fall for that??!!
In the past, to be honest, I just would not vote, rather than face making some kind of huge decision that I felt completely unprepared to make. I'm trying to really change that this year and get informed...

Paul found an interesting website today:

It has a bunch of questions that the presidential candidates were asked and you select which answer you most agree with. You can rate your answers on how important they are to you. So if you're like me and having trouble making up your mind, it could be really helpful!

Warning, the quiz is pretty long, and to get the full benefit of it, you really need to read the full answer each candidate gives. I think I'm going to go back and even re-read some of those answers. I'm on the road to informed voting!

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