Monday, February 25, 2008

Okay I'm in!

After weeks (okay months) of reading (okay being hooked on reading) my sister-in-law and her sister and all their friends' blogs, I'm in! I'm officially starting my own blog! Just trying to get all the basics down, and who knows who will ever read this, but... here goes:

My name is Bethany. I've been married for almost FOUR years to my wonderful husband, Paul who I am madly in love with!!! We are expecting our first baby, a boy, Charlie Alexander, in only FIVE weeks. So crazy. Actually one of the reasons I'm starting this blog is for me to release some of the nervous energy I have right now. And then I promise it won't turn it to an "all about baby" page, but will have to include some of that stuff of course!!!

Okay well that's about it for my first post... I'm going to figure out how to put some pictures up and get a cooler background and then I'll be all set! Please make me feel welcome to the blogger world, I'm a little shy! :)


Teri Dufilho said...

Hey Bethany! Bill and I just read your first entry and we love it! Glad you're in!!......Looking forward to future posts......we love you....Teri and Bill

rdufilho said...

I'm glad you're here too. Even if it does get a little Charlie centered from time to time, I will love getting to keep up with you via the blog.

Carly O'Quinn said...

Hooray! Hooray! I just saw that you had a new blog and I'm so excited.

Call me if you need help with your background and header.

Katie said...

welcome to the blogging world!! some of us are better than others, but we all are welcome!! so good to have a way to keep up with you!

laura said...

So excited you are blogging! You look amazing!