Monday, February 25, 2008

Sane is Good

Thanks to the two of you that viewed my first blog entry and commented! :)

The other night, Paul and I were having a conversation... well really I was just talking a lot and he was listening (for the most part). I was trying to convey to him the emotions of this stage of pregnancy for me right now- the excitement, the exhaustion, the uncomfortableness, the anxiety, the desire to hold and see our baby, etc- and I kind of ended up describing it like feeling like I was a cat trapped in a box and then I did a weird hissing/claw motion to demonstrate. Come on, can't anyone relate? Well Paul could not. He laughed hysterically at me while I half laughed/half cried and then got up to pee for the 30th time that night.

Sooo after that conversation, I decided I needed to do something to keep my sanity. So I started a scrapbook! Now I am really not the scrapbooking type, but I have tons of materials and even a kit my mom got me when we first found out we were pregnant. So I literally spent 3-4 hours tonight scrapbooking! And loved it! So I told Paul that this will be my project this week so that I can stay sane. He responded with "Sane is good." I agree. :) I'm trying out the pictures in the blog thing, so hopefully you can see the beginnings of my sanity.


rdufilho said...

I'm with Paul: Sane is good.

I totally get where you're coming from as far as the crazy pregnancy feelings. I don't know if I would compare it to a cat in a box, but you know, I still get it.

Good luck with your scrapbooking.

Carly O'Quinn said...

I love the page with your evolving belly.

I have to tell you that I used blogging as my "sane" project. If ever I felt restless or anxious..I'd find something to blog about.

Call me if you to talk in cat metaphors and I'll totally give you some "Amen, sister"s to make you feel validated!