Friday, June 20, 2008

I REALLY love my friends...

...that's why I'm dog-sitting today for them. Sadly, some of our best friends are about to move and have a lot of unknowns ahead of them so they are up in Ft. Worth today so she can interview for a teaching position. Wanting to make all of this as smooth a process as possible for them, we offered to keep their precious Maggie-dog since yesterday afternoon (They'll be home tonight). It has been a GREAT experience for Daisy- finally someone to pay her some attention and give her the play-time she needs. But Maggie's still a bit of a puppy (though they're about the same size!) and she can keep going and going and going and even Daisy looks at me like "help!" Haha, but really, they're having a great time today- now if I can just not trip over them, and continue to keep Charlie out of their wake...

As for now, its my first break of the day! Somehow, they both wore themselves out and Charlie is taking a pretty long nap!
This one's Daisy- look closely, there's a dog there!

Maggie conked out by the couch

Sweet Charlie, not even aware of the chaos that awaits him when he wakes up!

(in the process of uploading these pictures, Maggie woke up and peed on the floor! Gotta go!)

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