Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Old Friends and New Babies

Today, Charlie and I took a little day trip out to Katy to visit with one of my old college roommates, Lacey. After college, she and her husband moved to Atlanta, but her family still lives in Katy. Since she was in town she invited me to come spend the day at her parents' house with her and her little boy, Gavin. The last time I saw them was at New Year's when I was pregnant and Gavin was about 2 and a half months old. We spent the day talking, playing with the babies, taking pictures, and taking the babies swimming!!! It was so great to get to hang out with and talk to another stay at home new(ish) mom who is also one of my best friends, talking about everything from our biggest fears and struggles as moms to stretch marks and cake baking. I hated to leave so soon and wish she lived closer and we could do that more often!!! Thanks, Lacey and Gavin for a super fun day!

The first time Gavin & Charlie met

Together again!

Thanks Gavin, for loaning Charlie your swim trunks!

"Mom, I'm not sure I like swimming!"


Lacey said...

How weird that you
1. have a friend that spells her name LACEY...I hardly meet any but when I do it is always spelled Lacy or Lacie.
2. That her son's name is Gavin?? If she has a girl next is she thinking about Ellie???

Your post was funny to read. :0)

Lacey said...

We had so much fun! It was really good to talk through those things! Tell Charlie (and Paul) hi for us!