Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I've Been Tagged!!

Yippeee!!! I love being tagged, thanks Sharla. :)

The rules are you go to your sixth folder and pick your sixth picture and explain it.

When I went through the blogger upload and found my sixth folder (they are listed alphabetically here, so it is from August 2008) and sixth picture, this is what I got:

I know! BO-RING!!! It's almost exactly like the one I have on my blog alllll the time! Of all the pictures...ha! So, just for fun, instead I went to My Pictures and got the sixth picture from the sixth folder there where they are NOT listed alphabetically, and this is what I got:

This is from June 2004 when our great friends Laura and Clay (who now live all the way in Boston, *sniff sniff*) came and stayed with us at our old apartment and we spent the day at AstroWorld. It was cloudy and hot, but not crowded at all and this is a picture of Paul (who you can see in the very back left seat) and Clay riding this ride while Laura and I took pictures. What a fun day and a fun memory!!!!

Okay, I'm tagging Dacia, Robin, and Lacey S.!!!

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