Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Boys will be Boys

We arrived in San Antonio yesterday evening to spend the week with my family. Just before leaving, I called my mom and she said she was taking my brother to the hospital. Alarmed for my brother's sake and worried she was going to tell me he had something contagious and that we wouldn't be able to come, she said... "Well, its not contagious, but Charlie already has it... its called a Y chromosome."

You see, my 15 year old brother, on his first day of Thanksgiving vacation, decided to show his "parkouring" skills to my mom and grandma at the park. For those of you (like me) wondering what parkouring is, it is also known as "freestyle running." For those of you (like me) still wondering what this is, click this link for a little video of some guys parkouring.

Charlie and I had a long talk on the way here about never doing anything that dangerous or *coughstupidcough*. Parkouring is only for you if your name is James Bond, Jason Bourne, or even Paul Hamm. Otherwise, just do regular running.

No, he doesn't have marshmallows in his mouth. It's just that swollen.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Megan Lagoy said...

That video made me feel tired!

Robin said...

No. Luke is not allowed. To run... or do anything. Yikes!

Teri Dufilho said...

oh, looking at that video makes my back hurt just thinking about doing any of glad andrew is ok!

AshleyRae said...

I watched the video and OMGoodness!!!...I thought it was so cool! I had never seen that before except for in movies (which I guess is where it belongs), but it looked so fun!