Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Camping Trip

This weekend is Paul's annual camping trip with his old college buddies. And he, of course, takes on the responsibility of preparing all of the meals and snacks and drinks for this yearly event. As the boys *ahem* men have matured, so have Paul's cooking abilities and tastes. Over the past few years they've gone from burgers and hotdogs to red beans and rice and pork tacos with guacamole and mango salsa. No kidding. But their snack palates have remained the same. So Paul continues to buy the same old junk *ahem* delicacies each year. I went with him to HEB last night and have to say I was embarrassed to be pushing that cart around. The one with fresh mangoes, limes, avacadoes, poblano peppers, eggs, milk, and orange juice... as well as "chips galore" cookies in chocolate and key lime flavors, four bags of potato chips/cheese puff variety snacks, the biggest package of chocolate and vanilla sandwich cookies I have ever seen outside of a daycare, and five boxes of cans of soda.
Here you can see everything in our little kitchen, where it will sit until Friday when it will be taken to the sacred campsite. And you can see how I daintily pushed them aside to get to my coffee pot this morning. And can you imagine how those two packages of oreos have been calling to me all day? No, I have not opened them! I bought my own snacks for the wives and girl-friends that will be spending the weekend here. But still the oreos... they're calling me.


Erica said...

Hahaha. Trav's paintball gun is hanging out on our kitchen table. Emma asked, "What's that Mommy?" Hmmm.....Oh, along with seven gallon-sized jugs of water. ;) Oh, these boys!

Lacey said...

I just told myself I was going to eat "good" all day and then I had to read this post first thing this morning. :) Looks yummy to me! So what are you cooking?

Teri Dufilho said...

those boys do have fun with the paintball guns, playing with fire, and eating gourmet fare.....we won't let all of their children know how dangerous they've been with bb guns and exploding cans......hahaha......bethany, i like your new blog wallpaper......hmmmm, looks like girls have fun!