Monday, February 23, 2009

A Few Updates

1. I decided not to cut his hair. Thanks to your comments, I realized that I was really not ready to do it... especially after hearing that some of you regretted cutting your baby's hair for the first time! Its certainly not hanging in his eyes and I think it can wait a little while longer. Its just so darn cute right now! :)

2. I *think* the Furminator is actually working. I'll probably need to furminate her a couple times a week for it to do any good... but anything is better than the hairy mess we had before. Thanks to those of you who commented and helped me figure the thing out.

3. Finally, thank you so much for all the kind comments on my last post! Since staying home with Charlie, my house has become somewhat of a project for me (since it is what I look at all day) and it was so sweet of you all to leave those nice comments! By the way... did anyone notice? The Nester herself left me a comment and said I was an "A student." Wow! If only she could see my house right now. That whole de-cluttering thing? Umm, yeah, about that. A little difficult to maintain! :o)


The Reeves bunch said...

Bethany, you have inspired me or the Nester has inspired me to transform my house. or maybe it is the "nesting phase" going on in my pregnancy also. Thank you for the post! I just wanted to let you know that you were inspirational.

Erica said...

I spy the shirt Charlie should wear to Emma's party! (That is if you don't take him skiing!!!)

PS. I love your house. I wish I had the inspiration!!!

annh said...

Charlie is such a Sweetheart, so glad you decided not to cut his hair just yet..(Andrew's, Great-Grandma)