Thursday, April 2, 2009

Baby Steps

Check out Charlie's newest trick he suprised us with today! Only fitting considering his birthday is less than a week away!!

It wasn't until after I had taken several videos that I realized the camera was set to create files for e-mailing... hence the poor quality... our regular video camera was out of batteries!!! I know, could I be less prepared for this moment or what??

Thus begins a lifetime of walking for Charlie and a couple years of chasing him around for me. Happy April! My favorite month! :)


Dacia said...

yay charlie!!!!!!!!

what a beautiful thing!

Teri Dufilho said...

ohhh, that's so amazing!.....charlie, what a big boy!!!.......taking your first steps and standing up all by yourself!..... way to go, charlie!!

Bush Family said...

Yay! I'm so proud of him!!! Miss you guys!

The Reeves bunch said...

YAY for Charlie!! Those are the special moments. Isn't it amazing to watch every first for your child! God is awesome!!

Lacey said...

How exciting!!! I loved watching Gavin get better and better everyday! I was so glad I got to be there for every single step! It won't be long now, running is right around the corner!