Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Golf Picture

I've gotten some questions about the picture in my header... it was created by our good friends the O'Quinns who are (sort of) like family. They've recently started a new photography business and are crazy creative and talented, as you can see! The picture we had made was specifically for Charlie's birthday invitations and is called an "Unformal Portrait." You can see other examples of their work on the website: or on Carly's blog or Robin's blog!


StaceyLeigh said...

Really cool picture! Were you at the course for it? It almost looks like you were added to the background later.

Lacey said...

THAT IS AWESOME!! They are so incredibly talented!!

Bethany said...

Yeah we took it at the course, but each one of us took our picture separately- we were individually lit and shot on the course. And then the course was shot by itself. And then he cut us all out and stuck us in! So cool, huh?