Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First Easter

So I realize that I am incredibly late in posting pics of Charlie's first Easter, but better late than never, right? Charlie had a great morning at church while we celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus! Afterward he took a LONG nap (yay) while Paul and I cleaned up from the birthday party the day before and relaxed! Then we went to Paul's aunt and uncle's house, known to Charlie as "Aunt Mimi and Uncle Boppa." There he had his very first Easter egg hunt with his "cousins" and stuffed the bounty in his mouth as fast as he could... as you can see in almost all these pictures. I think he's ruined on plain cheerios now because he gobbled those fruit loops and goldfish right down!

Aunt Megan explaining the only rule- the eggs on the blanket were only for the babies to "find."
I know, they're so hidden, how will he ever find them?? :)

the little kids
the big kids

cute cousin, Amelia


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Teri Dufilho said...

yep, "sweet 'n salty" was a good discovery that day!....he's probably thinkin' "i love plastic eggs!" adorable!....and precious cousins...