Saturday, August 9, 2008

Four Months Old

Charlie is four months old today... yes, already! I can't believe how fast the time is flying... I tried taking a good picture of him today for his month by month frame, and I thought, "I'll put him on his tummy and get a good pic of him holding his head up." Well, I tried, and tried, but could just not get the right pic because he kept doing this:


Can you believe it??? I thought he would never roll over because he just didn't seem close at all and now he's doing it over and over just all of a sudden! My baby boy is growing up. :)


Bush Family said...

He is such a big boy!! He'll be running around before you know it! Trust me! It is crazy how once they start finally moving...THEY NEVER STOP!!!! But it's fun!

laura said...

Wow, they grow so fast! What a cutie!

Teri Dufilho said...

i could watch this a million times!

Taylor and Dacia Droke said...

isn't it fun when they learn something new?! gosh, i remember cheering Ellie on when she started rolling over like it was yesterday...yet it still seems so long ago and it was only 6 months ago! i can't believe how much they change in the first year. enjoy every second!

ps. there will be a day not so far from today when you wish he would just lay in the same spot for 5 minutes like he used to! :-)

Lindsay said...

Charlie is so cool and confident in his rolling-over ability. He is so athletic!!! Neither of my girls rolled over this early. And they both rolled over back to front first...isn't that funny!!