Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Picture Game!

Okay everyone, it's time for a new "get to know your friends" post! I was never tagged, but got the idea from someone else's blog... here are the rules: Take all pictures right away (no cleaning up first!!!), and then tag three friends to do it too!

1. Favorite Destination
We went to NYC last summer and had a great time. While I usually think of myself as more of a beach-vacation type person, I loved this trip and think of it fondly as it was the last big trip Paul & I had together before having Charlie!

2. Self Portrait
Sitting in the dining room...

3. What the Kids are Doing
I heart early bedtimes! I have to admit, this is an old picture... he really is sleeping, but it is really dark in there and you know what happens when you wake a sleeping baby!!!

4. My Closet
Okay, no cleaning up beforehand, remember? I have to preface this one with the following: please remember that I am four months- post pregnancy and my wardrobe currently consists of the following: maternity clothes, pre-preggo clothes I squeeze into, and a few new things that are a larger size... all of which are making their home together somewhere in my closet. I often try on old things, hoping they will fit, and when they do not, I angrily throw them down and refuse to hang them up... :)

5. Laundry Room
Okay, this is getting a little embarassing... I guess I have some laundry to do tomorrow!

6. The Refrigerator
... maybe a little grocery shopping too. :)

7. Favorite Room in the House
The guest room/home office (I also love Charlie's room, but ya know, sleeping baby in there right now!)

8. The Bathroom
Recently made kid-friendly...

9. The Kitchen Sink
Whew, got lucky on this one, only a few dishes!!!

10. Favorite Shoes
My new wedge sandals! Love them!

Okay, wasn't that fun? Now I am tagging: Robin, Carly, and Erica! Remember, no cleaning up before you take the pictures!!!

*sorry Carly, just remembered you are currently nomadic! Save this tag for your new house and in the meantime I tag... Erin!

1 comment:

Taylor and Dacia Droke said...

so fun! i saw this one on Beth's blog and thought i might need to do one myself too (even though I wasn't tagged) :-)

oh, and i remember that stage of throwing clothes to the floor out of frustration and refusing to pick them up again (as if it might help them fit)...
and if it makes you feel any better, my closet looks the same way and i'm 10 months post partum (and my clothes do fit). maybe i just never kicked the habit?!