Saturday, August 16, 2008

Proud to be an American!

These people make me proud!

We have been loving the gymnastics and swimming, staying up all hours of the night to see who takes the gold. We can't get enough! But today, I saw this, and if you get it, explain it to me, because I just do not get it! An olympic sport?
We're not talking jumping fences and stuff, they're just kind of prancing... hmmm, with a little practice, maybe Daisy and I will make it to the London olympics, ha!

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StaceyLeigh said...

haha i guess it's a sport for the horses. lee is never interested in my swimming stuff until the olympics come on then he's all excited. :) i am proud to say I've met Aaron Peirsol a bunch of times, he swam for the club team at the pool where my college team swam so he was always around. Waaaay nicer than MPhelps!