Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sick Day

Yesterday, Charlie had his four month well-baby check up and had to have four shots! Not fun. Overall he is healthy and doing well, his weight was in the 75th percentile, and height and head circumference were both in the 95th! But, as a side effect of all those shots, this morning he woke up with a fever. This is his first fever ever, and it lasted pretty much all day. We've been giving tylenol every four hours and he has taken lots of naps. Poor baby, every time he was awake, it was like he wanted to play, but his little cheeks were just so red, and his eyes could barely stay open, and he was radiating heat like a little furnace! I spent much of the day nursing him, and then rocking him to sleep... our first sick day.

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Bush Family said...

Poor baby! I think 4 months was the month Bryson got "sick" too! It must be something with the dosage and their size. It never happened again though! I'm glad he got lots of mommy loving though!