Thursday, September 9, 2010

My House- Part One

One of my favorite things to see on a blog is a someone's home.  I love all things decorating/design and it excites me to see a creative and well put together room.  Through my blog browsing over the years, I've discovered that I love seeing a lived in, real person's home WAY more than magazine picture of some crazy expensive professionally styled custom home.  So for that reason, I'd like to take you on a little tour!  But first, a little background on me...

I think my love of decorating may have come from the 13 times I moved growing up as an army bratt.  We always tried to unpack and make "house" as quickly as possible, even if we knew we would only be there a few years (or 6 months!).  It didn't matter if we were renting the place, living in a stairwell apartment, duplex, or house, it always felt like our "home," and I am grateful for that. 

The home I live in now is the first and only house Paul and I have ever owned.  We've lived here for 6 and a half years now- which is about twice as long as I have ever lived anywhere!  Even though its a small house and we won't live here forever, we made a decision to really invest in this house and make it our style, instead of thinking "one day, we'll have a home we love."  This is where we live now and its important to me that it feels like home.  After arranging, rearranging, painting, and repainting, I think I have learned a lot about what my style really is.  Its definitely not perfect or magazine-worthy, and there are of course still things I'd like to change, but I can truly say I love living here and the way it makes me feel when I look around.

So to begin the tour, we'll start with a room that actually doesn't even exist in our house anymore- Charlie's nursery.  These pictures were taken back in March before we moved his crib out and made it into a "big boy room."  I just loved this sweet little nursery.  Can you tell there's a tree painted over the crib?  Paul painted that and it was beautiful. 

Oh look, there's little Charlie.  How'd he get in there?

This was a sweet little room for our sweet baby boy...  more to come!
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Katy said...

So sweet! I love looking at other people's homes too and we are in the midst of redecorating and I could use some ideas!!

Teri Dufilho said...

i've always like your touch and style.....everything looks so clean and fresh.....that was a wonderful nursery with lots of wonderful memories!

Joni said...

I'm going to love this series!! You are so creative and your decorating style definitely reflects your desire to make your house a HOME! (especially love the pictures with little people in them!)