Saturday, September 4, 2010

Why I Stopped

Before I just dive back into blogging, I feel like I should at least address the year long break I took.

Honestly, there wasn't one big reason I stopped.

Partly it was because I got an iPhone and twitter became the way for me to quickly update friends and family on my life with pictures.

Another reason was because I got pregnant and for a couple months there I could barely muster the energy to turn on the TV for Charlie in the mornings.  It wasn't pretty.

And then after a while it had just been so long and I didn't know how to come back.  Do I backtrack and try to cover everything I've missed? (Halloween, oh I'm pregnant!, Christmas, New Year's, Charlie's birthday, etc, etc!).  It seemed too overwhelming.

And then of course the baby came and for the last two months, we've been sleep deprived and covered in spit-up, and who wants to read a blog about that???

But now that things are settling down, I'm realizing how much I've missed blogging.  And how much I love looking back at my old posts.  Its really neat to see how much Charlie's grown and just how our family has grown.  Its strange, but a lot of my memories from Charlie's first year of life are so clear because I remember the blog posts I wrote about them.  And now that our family is growing, I want to be able to have a place to record and remember all of the little things that are passing by so quickly- the funny things Charlie says and does, the sweet baby coos and smiles- all of it!

So anyway, all of that to say, I'm sorry blog-world that I left you for so long!  I should have at least said goodbye.  But now I'm back, and while I'm not saying I'll never take another break, I do promise to warn you and not leave you hanging for another year. :)

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p.s. stay tuned... we've both got posts coming up- Paul with some new recipes, and me with, well pics of these sweet kids!


Lacey said...

So glad you are back Bethany!! I've been wanting to see more pictures of those cute kiddos besides fb. :) I too love going back and reading old blog posts. Just did that the other night with Frank actually. :) And I also love that I am in the process of my first blog book. It will take awhile to get caught up from the last two years, but glad I get to do it for memories for my kiddos. :)

Hope you guys are enjoying the long weekend!

Ashley McWhorter said...

Welcome back!!! Good to have you! :)

Dacia said...

I HAVE SOOOO MISSED YOU! your blogs was always one of my faves and i really am glad you're back!! also, i LOVE your new blog title and header! so cute!! welcome back!!