Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesdays with Charlie

Today started Charlie's 3rd week at school.  Each drop-off and pick-up has gone better and better.  He is really enjoying himself!  Today when I got there, the teacher was doing the hokey-pokey and Charlie was doing his best to dance along.  I peeked through the window to watch him for a while before he spotted me and danced over to give me a hug. 

The afternoons on school days are a little rough.  He's tired and a little hyper, and usually Norah is fussy because she missed out on a good nap having to go pick up her big brother.  Today though, she stayed asleep in her carseat for a while after we got home which gave us an opportunity to play a little with one of his favorites...

See the sleepy eyes?  I think we need an early bedtime tonight, sweet boy!
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Teri Dufilho said...

"danced over to give you a hug".......so cute and i can just picture him doing it....it's always fun to hang around for a bit to watch your child interact with other kids....glad he's enjoying school !