Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Five Months and FOOD!

Yesterday, Charlie turned 5 months old and we started rice cereal! I've been excited for weeks about this, since his doctor said he could start after his four month check up, but Paul wanted to wait until five months. So the day came, we were all excited... and well, Charlie seemed like he could take it or leave it. He just didn't really seem to care! He never cried for more or for me to stop. Maybe because it was that flavorless old rice cereal mush mixed with water, I don't know.


See what I mean? This morning we tried it again and I made the cereal a little thicker. We got a few smiles, but when I would stop feeding him he didn't really care.

In other news... Charlie is going to his first birthday party today! In our playgroup, one of the babies is turning one today and we are having a Monkey Party, so I offered to make the cake. I have to share it with you because I am so proud of myself!!!! :) It's really not much at all, but if you know us, you know Paul does all of the cooking in this family. I've been know to throw a few pans of brownies in the oven or maybe a casserole or two, but that's pretty much it. So even though the icing is a little (okay a LOT) less than smooth, I'm pretty happy with it!


Corene said...

GREAT!! what a milestone!!!He looks like he is totally enjoying his cereal! Hey, K has been keeping me updated on your deck progress - please post pics when it is done. Great job on the cute door hanger as well!!! I love doing crafty stuff like that too, unfortunately right now I am neck deep in "body parts" hoping to complete at least 100 dolls in the next 3 weeks for our fall shows. Take care & luv ya! corene

Teri Dufilho said...

oh, he is the cutest, cutest little baby boy!!!......that's just so adorable seeing him eat his first meal of yummy bland watery rice!!..... and your cake looks great!.....

Ashley McWhorter said...

LOVE the cake! Great job! As for the rice cereal, add breast milk or apple juice to it. It adds more flavor. Oh, and they make flavored rice cereal, too.

Taylor and Dacia said...

too cute! i love it and i love the cake! you are gifted!

my advice (as if you asked for it) is not to rush the solids...the novelty of it wears off really fast and then there's just a big mess to deal with! :-) it gets messier and messier from here. enjoy the ease and simplicity of nursing/bottle feeding! :-)

(also, you might try adding a little cinnamon or breastmilk to the rice cereal...)

Bush Family said...

Man you are lucky Charlie made it to five months!! Bryson was on cereal by 3! Obviously he is just a big eater. I mixed it with breastmilk too and he seemed to be a little more aggressive with it. This stage is fun! I love seeing all the cute faces they make every time they try a new food! It is halarious!