Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Latest Happenings

Well, Charlie and I are still here in San Antonio. Paul flew back to Houston for work on Wednesday and was still without power until Friday night. I decided to stay through the weekend with my family and its a good thing I did because this afternoon, two transformers blew up in front of the neighborhood and caught on fire and now the power is out again. Yes, they caught on fire and started a grass fire that was headed toward some houses in the neighborhood until my hero husband and a couple of other guys on our street took some hoses and contained it until the actual firemen could put it out. Craziness.

So, I have no idea how much longer I'll be here. While we're having a great time, I'm starting to miss my husband and my house! Tomorrow it will have been a week that we've been here and I did NOT expect to be here that long so, you know, I'm wearing the same things over and over and had to go buy more diapers and baby food and toys. But Charlie is enjoying the family time, and the family is definitely enjoying him!!! And we are just thankful that our only problem is a power outtage right now.

Playing piano with Papi

Checking out Charlie

Smiles for Grandma

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Emily said...

I'm so glad the fire didn't get to your house! That's scary. We were gone for 6 nights, and we were so ready to be back home. Finally! We got power on Friday. Enjoy your time with your family.