Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Good Day

Yesterday was one of those days I just want to bottle up and save for a not so good day. It was one of those crisp, busy, productive, fun, friendship days that makes me thankful for the life that I live. It was pretty ordinary but involved some of our best friends over for the entire day. The guys worked outside and made some pretty great progress on the beautiful deck (which I am so pleased to announce is almost finished!). The girls went for a walk with the babies then came home and subjected them to a long session of picture taking in matching outfits. (Sorry boys, when you can dress yourselves and actually move, you'll be able to get away from us :)

Then we went to the bookstore and strolled around getting GREAT deals on kids books and had coffee. We came home and messed up the house with all of our books, and babies, and stuff. It was the great kind of messy that feels fun, and lived in, and full. I promise Alisha- the mess didn't bother me at all! Then we put the babies to bed and the guys came in and we ate a great dinner of homemade ribs, cornbread (with the BEST butter) and salad. We laughed and ate and talked until it was dark and we were all exhausted and full.


Teri Dufilho said...

oh my gosh......LOVE those pictures, especially the first one showing their chubby forearms around each other (they both have the "no-wrist" look going!)......bethany, i'm sure they will still want to dress in identical outfits when they're 15!!

annh said...

I think that Andrew and Charlie will be life long friends, I Certainly hope so, they are soooo precious together, love those pictures!and you and Alisha are in for some wonderful times together with your families..Andrew's Great Grandma