Friday, September 5, 2008

Rummagin' Jackpot

Charlie and I headed over to The Woodlands First United Methodist Church Little Lambs garage sale this morning to rummage through racks and racks and racks of clothes. There was tons of other stuff like kids furniture, strollers, toys, bouncers, jumpers, etc, etc, etc that we didn't even venture to look through! I knew it was going to be cutthroat when I pulled into a parking spot with an empty spot next to it -opened my car door not realizing another car had already pulled in and hit it with my door (oops!!). I looked up to the woman in the driver's seat, mouthing "I'm so sorry!" and jumped out of the car to inspect the damage (there was none, fortunately!). She immediately jumped out of her car too, but just said "don't worry, it happens" and ran toward the garage sale, not even checking her car for damage!

I had to park about a quarter of a mile away from the entrance and as I walked up (only about 20 minutes after it had opened) there were already mommies loading up their minivans with furniture and baby contraptions galore. And on the inside we were stroller to stroller and packed into that place like sardines. It was every mom for herself as we squeezed through little aisles of clothes and blankets and bedding. And you don't even want to know how long the line was to pay!!! I really wish I would have had my camera with me to show you the insanity of mommies on a bargain hunt.
Check out my finds!

My favorite, this adorable zip up sweater from Children's Place

And this little rugby shirt from Janie & Jack- I think it was like $2.00!

And another favorite- this little blue tee and camo shorts- I'm pretty sure this will fit him now.And Charlie, although he missed his morning nap, was such a trooper and did so great- I was so proud of him. Here's my attempt at a self-portrait, tired after our morning of rummaging.


Emma Days said...

Very cute!!! What does that T-shirt in the back say? Sounds like fun!

Taylor and Dacia said...

i LOVE garage sales! i'm so glad you found such great deals!! the outfits are adorable!!

Teri Dufilho said...

bethany, next time you want to go a'rummagin', i could run up there to stay at your house with charlie.....then you could out-run the other moms and elbow your way through the crowds better!......looks like you got some pretty cute duds for the little guy!

Ashley McWhorter said...

It was crazy, wasn't it?! It was fun though. Good to see you and I LOVE the sweater!!!!!