Friday, March 28, 2008

Amazing Testimony

Has anyone been watching the "Mistaken Identity: A Twist of Fate" piece on the Today show this week? Matt Lauer is also doing a Dateline piece on the story tonight if you haven't seen it. Two college-aged girls were in a car accident a few years ago, and one family was told their daughter was dead, while the other family was told their daughter was in critical condition. The first family mourned the loss of the daughter and held her funeral, while the other family sat by their daughter's side in the hospital watching her recover for 5 weeks. After 5 weeks, they started to realize that it was not their daughter, but the other family's daughter.

These families have been on the Today show for the past two mornings and they are all Christians, and have just been giving the most amazing testimony about Jesus and the sovreignty of God. Matt keeps asking them, where is the anger? Where is the anger toward God? Where is the 'why would God do this to us?' attitude? And they just all have the strongest answers that they want to use their story to bring glory to the Lord and that they know bad things happen and that we live in a fallen world, but that one day they will be reunited with the daughter that died and they can grieve with hope!!!

Matt Lauer spent quite a while with these people since he did a Dateline story about them and I'm interested to watch it and see the story more in detail. I don't know what Matt Lauer believes, but these families are witnessing to him and the rest of America on morning television!! Its so great to hear the name of Jesus on television in the morning, and I pray that people are hearing and that God is using their story for His glory!

Watch the Dateline tonight if you can!!!

Maybe I'll watch it... or maybe I'll be having a baby, you never know! ;)


Lindsay said...

I remember hearing about this story. I just set TiVo to record it for me. Hopefully, you'll be having a baby when it's on and can TiVo it to watch later!

By the way, I bought Sara Barrellis after your post and love it!

Do you have someone to update your blog when Charlie does come? I'll be checking in, although I guess Carly will know what's going on, so I'll just have her update me! I can't wait to hear about him and see a picture of his sweet face though! Just a few more days, try and enjoy it!

Robin said...

Hey, could you TiVo it for me so I watch it when Charlie decides it's time for me to come to town?

I watched it yesterday morning and I was moved to tears.

Bethany said...

Yes! Carly has offered to update the blog for me, so everyone can know what's happening! And sure Robin I'll TiVo it for you and for me (I've told Charlie several times that Friday is his birthday... so we'll see if he listens) ;)