Tuesday, March 18, 2008

American Idol Run Down

Anybody else into American Idol as much as I am this season?? Just thought I'd do my own little review of the singers this year...

Amanda Overmeyer
The rocker...okay I like that she's different and definitely not cheesy, but she's starting to sound the same from week to week! Not my favorite.

Brooke White
Definitely IS my favorite!!! Now she didn't do so well tonight admittedly, but she did something a little different and knew it didn't work. Usually I absolutely love her performances and think they are so fresh and different, not "karaoke-like" as Simon might say.

Carly Smithson
In my opinion, she has the best voice of everyone in the group. But for some reason I'm just not head over heels for her- maybe its her performances? Maybe she just doesn't pick the right songs, like Simon has said? I don't know what it is.

Didn't he start out with a last name? What happened to it? Anyway, I think he's just "okay." He's got a good voice, but can be really cheesy in his performances. I don't think he'll win it.

David Archuleta
He has a nice voice, but he seems sooooo young! And last week it really showed through his performance. The judges seemed to just love him and gush over him at first, but I think after last week, he may be gone sooner rather than later.

David Cook
LOVE him!!! He is so original to me and has a really great voice. Really talented... could win it all I think.

Jason Castro
He totally wins me over every time with those blue eyes and that smile! But could someone please give him some voice lessons??? He always sounds like he's running out of breath at the end of his phrases.

Kristy Lee Cook
I think her "eight days a week" said it all last week... Even though tonight was better, I have a feeling she'll be the one voted off tomorrow night.

Michael Johns
He is really great... very talented, great voice, though sometimes inconsistent and doesn't sound so good as he could... we'll see what happens with him.

Ramiele Malubay
I think she is so cute and has a great voice, but she doesn't always show it with the songs she chooses!

Syesha Mercado
Did y'all see her tonight with "Yesterday"???? It was fantastic!!!! I haven't been a big fan of hers until tonight and she blew me away!
So what do you think? Who will be the big winner? Is it too soon to tell? I never vote until it gets down to like the last three or four. But my favorites are definitely David Cook and Brooke White right now.

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