Monday, March 31, 2008


Well we had our appointment this morning and I'm very disappointed to report that I have still not progressed at all. The ultrasound was also a little disappointing because I couldn't tell anything from anything! He's so big and squished up in there that all I could tell was his head, but no little profile pics or anything to show. I was so confused the whole time. The good news is the ultrasound and nonstress test showed that Charlie is healthy and doing well. I just haven't progressed and so the doctor said it was still too early to even induce.

So I have another appointment scheduled for Monday April 7th. April 7th. I cried when the receptionist wrote out the appointment card for me. I am supposed to have had a baby by then!!!! Anyway, I'm hanging on to the fact that he will definitely be here within 2 weeks, as my doctor will not let me go past 42 weeks, even if I still haven't progressed. He is healthy, and I am trying to enjoy every minute of being pregnant with him. Thank you to those of you who have told me you are praying for me, I really really appreciate it. I'm trying to be patient, but sometimes feel a little like I am going crazy.

I am thankful that we didn't have to make a decision about inducing today because I just didn't know what I wanted to do... or what I should do. I really wanted the doctor to either tell me we had to induce or that we had to wait. So here we are... waiting.


Robin said...

Hang in there, sister. I know it feels like he will never be here, but rest easy in the fact that you will be holding him with two weeks.
I am praying for him to come in God's perfect timing and asking all my friends to do the same. And even though you haven't progressed, I am keeping our suitcases pack in the car... just in case.

laura said...

I am so thankful he is healthy! So so sorry you have to wait. We will continue to pray for you and little Charlie to make his debut soon!

Lacey Morgan said...

I've been there!! Hang in there, it won't be long now, I promise!! Was your doctor able to do that procedure we chatted about?? I know you are anxious and so excited but he will come in God's perfect timing and it will be SOON no matter what!! YEAH!!