Friday, March 7, 2008

The Nursery

In response to Lindsey and Carly's comments I'm posting pics of Charlie's nursery. I've put a ton up on my facebook so I guess I felt like everyone was tired of seeing it. But my new blog buddies have yet to see it! So here you go... pictures kind of make the walls look like they are yellow, but they're actually a pale green with blue accents... Crib & Dresser- I now have all the blankets in a basket between them. The blanket with the stripes and polka dots is the one from the crib bedding.
Stripes over the closet
Tree over the crib- Paul painted this using a picture from Pottery Barn and an overhead projector! I love it!!!
Glider from Robin- recovered by Teri (my mother in law) and painted white.


Booyah said...

Charlie is going to love it!!!
It looks wonderful!

Lindsay said...

the nursery is adorable Bethany! I LOVE the tree Paul painted and the bedding is really cute! It looks so peaceful. Do you go in there and just sit, dreaming about Charlie being in there? I did that with all three of mine at least once a day before they got here. Such a sweet time...even sweeter when you are holding him in your arms! Not too much longer! Thanks for posting the pictures

Teri Dufilho said...

bethany, i can't believe we'll be holding and rocking him in about 3 weeks....he's gonna love the room that mom and dad have prepared for him!!

Bethany said...

Yes actually I do go in there all the time just to sit and rock. It is peaceful!

Toni Amend said...

Love the picture of the tree, it is even better than you described Pokeeno!