Sunday, March 9, 2008

Baby Shower Weekend!

Wow am I sleepy! What a fantastic whirlwind weekend of baby showers this has been! It started with one on Saturday hosted by the "lunch bunch ladies," four sweet women who are friends of Paul's family that they have known forever. Then Sunday, I had one hosted by one of my Sunday school girls (I teach junior high girls at church), followed by a double shower for my friend Alisha and I hosted by the ladies in our church choir! So fun and we are soooo blessed!!!! I now feel like I have everything I need (plus a bunch of really really adorable stuff that is just so fun to get!) This boy is going to have some rockin' outfits (is that okay to say about boy clothes??) and I'm going to have some really cute bags and burp cloths to tote around!!!

Now all I need is the baby... come on Charlie, now's your cue!

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Teri Dufilho said...

that's right, what we need is CHARLIE!!.....what a fun weekend and a real testimony to how much you are loved and how swet and thoughtful the people are who love you!!!......we're all waiting for our charlie!!