Saturday, March 15, 2008

Goodbye to the Goat

Today we might be buying a new car... exciting! But a little bittersweet because we'll be trading in my old 2000 Dodge Neon. It was the car my parents bought for me when I turned 16, which was actually in 1999. I got the car the summer of 1999 and was soooo proud of it because it was a 2000, bright shiny red beautiful car for a 16 year old girl.

That car has been with me for a while!

Last year when I worked in Humble ISD and was driving over an hour one way to work everyday, Paul and I traded cars so I could have the more reliable car with the heater and air conditioner that actually worked. Since then my old Dodge Neon has become Paul's car and he continues to drive it every day even though I now only work about 20 minutes from home (thanks baby!). Anyway, to him it has become "The Goat." Don't really know why, but that's what he so lovingly refers to it as and I guess its fitting? I tried so many times to explain to him the glamour and awe that that car held back in 1999 when it was a 2000! He doesn't really get it. But I know he holds a special fondness now for his little goat.

Anyway, today we may be saying goodbye to The Goat, my first car, and saying hello to a safer, bigger, more reliable, family vehicle (you know, something that at least has electric windows and locks, ha!). Don't get me wrong, we are totally blessed to be able to be buying a new car, but it will be bittersweet!!!

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